Quality You Can Trust

Our manufacturing process has been perfected with over 25 years of manufacturing experience.

Our Guarantee

We stand by our quality products with our 15-year non-transferable warranty for residential projects and 10 years for commercial projects.

Specializing in Outdoor Hardscapes

We concentrate our manufacturing on outdoor hardscape products to ensure our quality and product are optimal for our customers.

Term of Guarantee

The Porcelain Paver products manufactured by HARDSCAPE.COM come with a 15-year non-transferable guarantee for residential projects and 10 years for commercial projects.

Limits of Guarantee

This guarantee is limited to aesthetic or functional defects caused during the production process. Consequently, any wear and tear or scratches to the product are excluded from the guarantee, as are any flaws stemming from the tile-laying process.

Because this guarantee is associated with the intrinsic quality of the products, it is limited to the value of the materials supplied by HARDSCAPE.COM. It means that HARDSCAPE.COM will not cover the cost of labor or other materials used in the tile-laying process or the cost of possible damages regarding commercial, industrial, professional or residential activities of the clients or users.

Validity of Guarantee

This guarantee shall only be valid if the pavers have been properly laid, used and cared for and providing that the problem has been checked and validated by our Technical Department.

The guarantee shall become valid from the day after the product is purchased by the final customer, and it must be accompanied by a copy of the Purchase order or sales invoice.