The Company


We transitioned naturally and easily from a Custom Natural Stone Supplier, into a distributor of Porcelain Pavers. was born out of the necessity to provide our clients with innovative products that accompany the changes available in technology, in responsible sourcing and production. We transitioned naturally and easily from a Custom Natural Stone Supplier, into a distributor of Porcelain Pavers. Once we realized we were able to create our most beloved natural stones without having any issues with staining, spalling or color differences, it became our mission to align ourselves with innovative producers of porcelain, that were also looking to change the hardscape industry for the better.

Throughout our search and years of experience visiting fabrication systems, and assimilating the best practices for green productions, we found ourselves propelled through our likeminded vision of innovation and responsible production to our parent company the Saxa Gres Group. Gres, the Italian word for Outdoor Porcelain Pavers, was an integral part of the merger between our companies. is the commercial division for Saxa Gres Group, a company founded on the innovative spirit and principles of two men, Mr. Borgomeo in Italy, and Mr. Ricetti in the US. The dreams that drive our company are simple, re create unavailable beloved natural stone, in a responsible, environmentally friendly way, never settle for current designs, change what is acceptable and raise the bar.

Vision Statement

To be Better, to be Different and to Constantly Innovate The Hardscape Industry.

Mission Statement

Every Hardscape Product We Create, We Believe in Challenging the Status Quo, We believe in thinking Differently and always will.

The way we challenge the status quo is by creating Innovative hardscape Products never imagined before that require no maintenance and are unique in size,strength and design.

Our Porcelain Pavers are manufactured to the highest quality standard, non-slip, rectified, large and small size formats made for Commercial and Residential outdoor applications. We listen before creating our products.


why choose us

Reasons why is the unique choice

When you work with, you choose to work with a knowledgeable team that is service driven and genuinely interested in your selection and in the success of your project.

When any of our team members are asked, why we do what we do, the company culture is clear, we are here to make an impact, to change the way products are made and used, and to offer our customers the best of our knowledge and production capabilities.

Need a custom, nonexistent design, look no further, for the distinguished project that requires customization, it is simple, will produce your new design with a much lower minimum order than other standard producers, and produce a higher quality product, as per your approved samples and expectations.

When there is an industry concern that needs to be addressed, is at the forefront of finding a resolution, being one of the founders of the Porcelain Paver Counsel, an organization focusing on creating standards for installation in all climates, pushing the limits of testing and forcing the industry to create production standards that guaranty the end consumer will receive a quality product every time.

Our problem solving doesn't end at a beautiful, quality product, when our industry specialists were concerned about, joint material adherence, didn't renege the issue to be solved simply by our polymeric sand or grout producers, we changed our rectification processes and contributed to the solution of joint material adherence.

When choosing your product, choose wisely, not all porcelain pavers are created equal, but more importantly, not all companies align to find solutions to change a whole industry for the better. This is why we do what we do, we happen to do it through selling porcelain. Be part of our story.