3cm Porcelain Pavers

3CM Pietra Reale Grigio Porcelain Pavers


The 3CM Pietra Reale Grigio Porcelain Paver is a true marvel in the world of outdoor design. Its marble-like appearance, characterized by rich grey, brown, and cream veins, weaves its way through each paver tile, creating a genuinely unique design with every application. This distinct marbling effect, combined with a grey base, exudes elegance and sophistication that will elevate the look of any outdoor space.

But it's not just about looks. These porcelain pavers are engineered to withstand heavy loads, making them an excellent choice for driveways, where durability is paramount. They also shine on pool decks and patios, where their timeless beauty complements the leisurely atmosphere.

What sets these pavers apart is not only their aesthetics but also their practicality. They require minimal maintenance, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space without the hassle of constant upkeep. Their robust construction ensures they'll stand the test of time, even in high-traffic areas

Experience our 3CM Pietra Reale Grigio Porcelain Pavers

Whether using 3CM Pietra Reale Grigio porcelain pavers for your driveway, pool deck, patio, or other exterior projects, you'll experience the true aesthetic difference with Hardscape.com. We spent countless hours utilizing the most advanced hardscaping technology to provide you with a porcelain paver that integrates all the benefits seamlessly. These include:

  • Slip Resistance

  • Stain Resistance

  • Fade Resistance

  • Moisture Resistance

  • Low Maintenance

  • High Breaking Strength

COD: PS1008-A
Category: Porcelain


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Product 3cm
size (inch) 24x24
thickness (inch) 1  1/8
sqft/plt 176
sqft/box 8
sqdt/pc 4
boxes/plt 22
pc/plt 44
pc/box 2
pallet (inch) 26x50
lb/plt 2348
lb/box 105
lb/pc 53
Colors Grey
Shape & Size 24" x 24"
Thickness 1-1/8"
Shipping Fast Nationwide Delivery
Water Absorption <= 0,5%
Frost Resistance Yes
Slip Resistance Yes
Breaking Strength 29672 N