3cm Porcelain Pavers

3CM Cadore Rovere Plank Porcelain Pavers


Hardscape.com is proud to introduce our new wooden plank finishes, including the 3CM Cadore Rovere Plank Porcelain Pavers. These durable pavers are perfect for patios, gardens, pool decks, driveways, and outdoor areas. With a weathered grey wood style, our 3CM Cadore Rovere wood-look porcelain pavers work wonderfully against the backdrop of nearly any home style. The wood plank style combines contemporary elements with a one-of-a-kind touch not seen with a natural stone look porcelain pavers. Instead, whereas it would seem unthinkable before, Hardscape.com's 3CM wood look pavers are capable of supporting the weight of multiple vehicles, both ideally positioned and entering/exiting. This is all due in part to its porcelain makeup.

Constructed under heavy heat, Hardscape.com 3CM porcelain pavers are remarkably dense, providing them with a substantially higher breaking weight over traditional paver options such as natural stone and concrete pavers. Capable of being shaped to match any texture and pattern, we're proud to offer a wood-look porcelain paver option that works for any exterior application. Whereas traditional wood panels would likely splinter under the weight of multiple cars or patio furniture over time—that isn't the case with our 3CM porcelain pavers.

Crafted To Last

We're proud to supply your exterior hardscaping project with the best porcelain pavers available. Your 3CM Cadore Rovere wood-look porcelain pavers have been built to withstand the dangers traditional paver solutions face on a daily basis. Due to porcelain's innate capabilities, you'll enjoy a multitude of benefits you wouldn't experience with other paver options. These include:

Stain Resistance: The fear of spilled drinks and food leaving permanent marks on your patio is long gone, as porcelain is stain resistant. Just wash away and forget about it!

Fade Resistance: No matter where you live, you won’t have to fear watching the sun cause your patio to fade over time. Instead, your porcelain patio pavers will keep their rich colors for decades to come. 

Slip Resistance: If you have a patio that extends towards your pool deck, you won’t have to fear slipping on excess pool water that escapes—porcelain pavers are slip-resistant, offering tremendous grip.

Moisture Resistance: Long gone are the days of your patio tiles cracking due to water making its way through, as porcelain pavers are nonporous, and as such won’t allow water to seep through and form cracks over time. 

Low Maintenance: Your porcelain pavers require little to no maintenance, as they’re designed to last for decades without required replacement. They can be cleaned very easily with a light water spray down and mild detergent.

High Durability: Porcelain pavers offer homeowners tremendous durability, capable of withstanding serious weight on top of it and various impacts.

COD: PR4109
Category: Porcelain


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Product 3cm
size (inch) 8x32
thickness (inch) 1  1/8
sqft/plt 192
sqft/box 3.5
sqft/pc 1.78
boxes/plt 54
pc/plt 108
pc/box 2
lb/plt 2558
lb/box 46
lb/pc 23
Colors Grey, White
Shape & Size 8" x 32"
Thickness 1-1/8"
Shipping Fast Nationwide Delivery
Water Absorption <= 0,5%
Frost Resistance Yes
Slip Resistance Yes
Breaking Strength 29672 N


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