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Mesh Cobblestones

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Mesh Cobblestones

Artistic and unique -- that’s how pavements with mesh cobblestones are described. A driveway decorated with smooth and round cobblestones will definitely become a more interesting area. No wonder why the use of cobblestone paver mats is considered nowadays as upmarket.

Have these in architectural design or your next construction project and the paved surface will surely get that instant dramatic appeal. Remember, though, to go for mesh cobblestone, and not just lay down individual cobblestones.

What are Cobblestones?

Technically, stones that are referred to as cobble are “any stones with 2.5 to 10 inches in diameter.” Its name was derived from “cob” because of its rounded lump. Think about pebbles found on the beach. Make those a lot bigger and you’ll get the usual image of cobblestones.

Although stereotyped as giant pebbles, cobblestones actually come in variety of shapes. The uncut version would still come in rounded lumps. But manufacturing and cutting procedures have made it possible to offer variety of shapes.

Cobblestones are made out of porphyry, basalt, granite, or other type of natural stones. They are available in variety of colors, like red, green, black, yellow, grey, and white. Even the finishing is varied, such as bush hammer; saw edges, tumbled, flamed, natural, and back mesh. And don’t forget their diversity of shapes that can be rounded, rectangular, wavy, fan, and square.

Why Choose Mesh Cobblestones

Mesh Cobblestones

By themselves, cobblestones create a dramatic effect on the paved surface, not to mention that they have been known and proven for centuries to create durable surfaces. That’s why architects and designers love adding these to their creations. The only concern is that installation can be a real pain. You perfectly understand what we’re talking about if you’re a contractor or a builder. But with the improvement in the technology, you can now do the installation fast and easy. Our cobblestone in a mesh is the perfect solution.

Mesh cobblestones, also known as cobblestone paver pads or mats, are cobblestones that are attached to a mesh. This special construction has made easy installation possible that even a homeowner can do it without the hassle.

Installation with Padded Stones

Mesh Cobblestones

Without the mesh, cobblestones need to be laid down one by one on a sandy surface. Not only that it takes a lot of time and effort, but this approach also makes the stones vulnerable to moving, therefore demanding for extra work time.

But that is not needed anymore when you use the mesh cobblestones. The stones are perfectly laid down with perfect distance and pattern. All you have to do is lay the mats down until the entire surface is covered with gorgeous glory of these stones.

Another thing that you should not worry about is the bumpy surface common to typical cobblestone-covered areas. Our mesh cobblestones are smoothened enough to provide smooth ride. The traditional version is still available, though, if you want a bumpy surface to improve driving focus.

Mesh Cobblestones: Perfect for Hardscapes

Our mesh cobblestones will be ideal for courtyards, patios, entranceways, pool decks and driveways. If you are a landscape designer or a contractor dealing with big projects, contact us. We can supply any volume anywhere in the U.S.A. Don’t worry if you are a DIY homeowner who just wants to create a better outdoor area in your home. We’ve got you covered, too.

Order your mesh cobblestones only from a trusted Supplier of Granite Paving Stones in the U.S -

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